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ProGreen Solar is a locally owned business that is dedicated to making a greener and more sustainable world for our future generations.


Homegrown founder and CEO Adam Kenyon is a Colorado native, with a Business Administration degree from Colorado State University. He spent over a decade honing his business skills through experiences that included working for an international information technology company, as well as serving as the COO for a vertically integrated Colorado company. In order to help build a brighter future for all generations, Adam has made alternative energy in our Colorado communities his lifetime career.

A blessed father of four, when he is not working around the clock to make his dream of a greener future through solar power a reality, he focuses on the things he considers most important in life: Faith, Family, and Friends.


The Team

The ProGreen team is made up of a stellar group of electricians and solar installers with decades of experience between them.

They are close-knit, which helps them stay dedicated to ensuring every solar install is given full attention by every member. Whether it is the installation team, the executive team, or the utility coordination team, we all work hard to ensure the process of going solar is as simple and streamlined as possible.

Further, we earnestly believe you, your family, and your home or business should be treated just like ours, with love and care. As such, you can be assured that you will be getting the best quality service at the most affordable price.

Our Community

In addition to our efforts to make our world greener, we are also exercising the same principles as found in Certified B Corporations - a belief in balancing purpose and profit. Part of this commitment includes a philanthropic approach to business at every opportunity.


Some of the founder's charitable contributions have included: local school donations, sports program sponsorship, Toys-for-Tots (Commander Award Recipient), St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Brain & Behavior Foundation, Judi's House, and Worldwide Orphans Foundation, to name a few. Throughout his years in business, he has donated over one year's full salary to charitable causes. He and his team bring these same principles to ProGreen Solar. If we all do our part, a brighter future starts now!

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