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ProGreen Solar featured in At Home Colorado Article

ProGreen Solar was recently featured in a At Home Colorado article that covered hail damage, roofing, and solar options for Colorado Homeowners.

GreenPoint Roofing owner Scott Brasington was interviewed for his roofing expertise. As Colorado ranks number two in the nation for severity and cost of hail storms, having a knowledgeable roofing contractor available when the storms hit your community is important. Colorado homeowners should be educating themselves on the best products to keep them void of hail damage, including Owens Corning and Malarkey products that are specially designed to protect your roof through the storms. As GreenPoint is a top rated roofing contractor in northern Colorado, they are a valuable resource when you find yourself in need of a roof. To prevent leaks, they also offer free roof inspections year-round.

When it comes to the solar highlights, the main takeaway from the article was the time to act is now. While the article misquotes the solar tax incentive, it does bring up the issue of the dwindling tax incentive. Currently the tax rebate is 26%, a drop from the 30% last year. By 2021, this incentive will drop to 0% for homeowners, and only 10% for businesses with commercial buildings. The current tax program translates into big savings: a $27,000 solar system puts $7,020 back in your pocket, effectively making that same system only $19,980. These big savings will not last, so if there was ever a time to go solar, it is now.

Feel free to use ProGreen's Solar Calculator to see how solar can benefit you.

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