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Progreen Solar: A Pioneer in Ground Mount Solar Solutions

The demand for renewable energy sources is on the rise, and solar power is one of the most popular options. Solar panels can be installed on rooftops or on the ground, and while most solar companies focus on rooftop installations, Progreen Solar stands out by offering ground mount solar solutions in addition to rooftop systems.

Ground mount solar systems are more complex and challenging to install compared to rooftop systems. This is why most solar companies avoid offering ground mount solutions. However, Progreen Solar is equipped to handle the complexity and has the in-house installers to get the job done. The company is dedicated to providing its customers with a wide range of solar solutions to meet their unique needs and requirements.

Progreen Solar offers a variety of ground mount solar systems, including fixed systems with up to five panels high and as wide as the customer's property allows, single-axis trackers, and an economical 2-tier high fixed axis. The company is equipped to handle small residential systems all the way up to utility scale projects, making it a one-stop-shop for all your solar needs.

The fixed systems are ideal for customers who want a low-maintenance, straightforward installation that requires minimal upkeep. The single-axis trackers, on the other hand, are designed to follow the sun's movements, maximizing energy production. The 2-tier high fixed axis is a cost-effective solution that provides good energy production while still being compact.

In conclusion, Progreen Solar is a leader in the solar industry, providing its customers with a wide range of ground mount solar solutions in addition to rooftop systems. The company's in-house installers are equipped to handle even the most complex projects, making it a reliable and trusted choice for all your solar needs. Contact Progreen Solar today to learn more about their ground mount solar solutions and how they can help you achieve your renewable energy goals.

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