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  • Can solar really save me money?
    The short answer in most instances is yes. Every house is different, every customer is different, but if you are installing the average system you will see a positive return. A major reason we can guarantee savings for most homes is the Federal Tax Credit which reimburses you 30% on the PV system and the cost of install!
  • How long does it take for the solar system to be installed?
    Installation is actually the fastest part of the going green with ProGreen. On average, you can expect your home's solar system to be installed in as little as one to three days. The system's permit and utility approval can take a bit longer, with varying amounts of time depending on your jurisdiction. To help folks plan, we offer our "Solar made Simple" guide, which outlines each phase and how long the process can take in your locale. Just check with your ProGreen Solar energy assistant for your tailored timeline. Finally, as we have consistently outperformed competitor's by getting systems up and running 17.8% faster on average, we look forward to helping you do the same!
  • How can you quote so much less than the other companies? What's the catch?
    No catch.... No, really. The Solar market has been a high-margin market for a long time - partly because it's an ever-evolving technology, but more because installers have to be specialized licensed professionals. Combine this with the triple digit growth demand, it has allowed other companies to get away with astronomical labor rates for years. We are taking a different approach - the more affordable the install, the more systems that go up. That benefits us as a company, our customers in our community, and our overall planet. It just makes sense.
  • Do you have any type of warranty?
    Absolutely. Not only do we offer the industry standard warranties that are backed by the manufacturer, but unlike many competitors, we also offer a Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee. This includes our 30-year performance, 25-year product, and 25-year workmanship warranty for select panels and qualifying roofs. If you ever have an issue that was caused by our installers, we come out and fix it right away, with no hassle and at no cost.
  • Do I have to pay cash for solar?
    Absolutely not! You can get a series of low-cost financing options by working with ProGreen Solar, including $0 out-of-pocket with rates as low as 1.49% on 25-year terms; and that's to OWN your system and electrical production. As a Colorado RENU Authorized contractor and being partnered with some of the largest national finance companies, we can GUARANTEE the lowest price for your solar installation. In many cities, this allows you to achieve what our competitor's call "Free Solar", with the monthly payment to own your energy production being equivalent or slightly less than what you currently pay your utility company. By our competitor's standards, many might say we are better than "Free" because we can save you tens-of-thousands more than the competition for the exact same tier-one equipment! Finally, not only can those rates get you below your current utility payments, but when you factor the average home with solar sells 17% faster and at a 4.1% increase in value; solar is more of an investment than an expense!
  • In what ways are you contributing to the community?
    Well, we start by helping make our communities greener. Every house that puts our system on their roof is saving tons (literally) of pollution that is caused by burning fossil fuels such as coal to power our homes. Beyond that, we also contribute a portion of profits to global charitable organizations like Renewable World and Empowered by Light, in addition to contributions to our local schools. While helping our environment and empowering people around the world is an integral part of our company ethos, we also recognize the schools we assist help educate our bright students right here at home, who in turn can help build a brighter future for all. Finally, some might say we also bring a little economic stimulus by providing jobs and generating tax money in our community, but we view that that as more of a side effect in our journey to help build a better world for future generations.

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